Reykjavík Music Walk

Harpa tónlistarhús 0, Reykjavík 101, 822 1703

Website: www.reykjavikmusicwalk.arnareggert.is

An informative and entertaining one and half hour tour, detailing the acclaimed Icelandic popular music scene, guided by Iceland’s foremost popular music scholar.

The tour focuses on Iceland’s pop and rock history and the landmark sites that have contributed to its remarkable success abroad. E.g. the downtown practice spaces of Bjork and The Sugarcubes, concert halls used by early-career Sigur Ros, historically important live venues, and artist’s hangouts. The walk is guided by Arnar Eggert, Iceland’s foremost popular music historian and journalist. Arnar can answer any questions that people might have about the fertile Icelandic music scene.

The tour departs from Harpa concert hall