Reykjavík Escape

Borgartún 6, Reykjavík 105, 5460100

Opening Hours:
Tue - Sat: 12.00pm - 8.00pm

Website: www.reykjavikescape.is

Reykjavik Escape is a real life escape room venue offering live-action adventures unlike any other entertainment on the market. The concept is simple: We lock you and your team mates up in one of our mysterious game rooms, and give you exactly 60 minutes to escape.

The escape rooms are lined with hidden clues, riddles and mysteries that your team has to discover and/or solve to move forward and uncover the secret to escaping. Racing against time, the team must quickly collect ideas, calculate, link thoughts, try out different things and reach a conclusion that eventually may, or may not help them escape.

Currently, we offer six exciting escape room themes and more are in the making. Most of our escape games are ideally for 2 to 6 players at a time, but we can also accommodate groups of different sizes, up to 48 people at once.

For groups of any size and type, please see our groups page.

For additional information about Reykjavik Escape, rates, quotes and schedule, please e-mail: info@reykjavikescape.is