OPEN sýningarrými

Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík 101, 6636093

Opening Hours:
Sat: 5.00pm - 9.00pm


Laumulistasamsteypan is an ever-growing artist collective that meets for their annual summer camp in Hrísey, Eyjafjörður where a group of 18 international artists work on a collective project. This year we use Kaldbakur, one of the most prominent mountains in our island view, as a starting point. Kaldbakur has been described as the spiritual throat-energy-point of Iceland and for our project Anthems of the Windpipe we will shift our focus to the throat - in all its dimensions. Drawing from the energy research of Erla Stefánsdóttir, we will embark upon a throaty journey, and OPEN is the final destination. We would like to welcome you to ‘One night of fun’ Laumulistasamsteypan performative feast.