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Loft Hostel

Bankastræti 7, Reykjavík 101, 5538140

Website: www.lofthostel.is

Loft Hostel is the newest addition to the 33 hostels that operate under HI Iceland. Along with Reykjavík City Hostel and Reykjavík Downtown Hostel, Loft Hostel is owned and run by HI Iceland, while other HI hostels are privately owned but fulfill the International standard for HI hostels and cooperate closely with HI Iceland. Nordic_Ecolabel_LOFT_hostel_2013Loft Hostel is certified by the Nordic Ecolabel, The Swan. The Swan is the official Ecolabel of the Nordic countries and stands for running a successful Environmental Quality System. Please check out HI Iceland’s main website for further information about hostel accommodation around Iceland, along with the various tours and car rental packages you can pre-book, or reserve upon arrival at any of the Reykjavík hostels.