La Barceloneta

Templarasund 3, Reykjavík 101, 537-5070

Opening Hours:
Wed - Sun: 4.00pm - 10.00pm

Website: www.labarceloneta.is

LA BARCELONETA makes real paella and tapas inspired by the restaurants of Barceloneta, the old fishing district of Barcelona's beach. They were called "Chiringuitos" or "Merenderos" - the small places that sprang up in huts and old houses by the sandy beach throughout the 20th century and were an essential part of life by the sea. After sunbathing and swimming in the sea, the people sat down and enjoyed life together over steaming paella, refreshing sangria, and snacks. Most of the Chiringuitos places are gone, but Paella still lives a good life, not only as food but as the centre of togetherness and a good party. The restaurant is open for sit-downs and delivery service.