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Bíldshöfði 12, Reykjavík 110, 56 77 888

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 4.30pm - 9.00pm

Website: www.fonixveitingahus.is

Fönix is ​​a family-run Chinese restaurant in two locations:
Bíldshöfði 12, 110 Reykjavík
Dalshraun 13, 220 Hafnarfjörður
Fönix offers a wide range of authentic Chinese dishes. We put all our ambition into offering dishes made from fresh ingredients. We promise a good experience for your taste buds by always using exotic and natural spices and flavors. Our menu includes a variety of dishes so everyone should be able to find something for themselves.
We invite you to dine on-site and experience Chinese culture in our quiet surroundings or take your food home with you.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 11:00-14:00
16:30 - 21:00

​Weekends: 16:30-21:00