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Bed and Books guesthouse

Þjórsárgata 3, Reykjavík 101, 5376309

Website: www.bedandbooks.is

Our home is an ideal place to relax, read a book and meet interesting people from around the world. The house is built in the 1930s, which makes it a fairly old family home in Iceland. This is a family home indeed, since the parents of Karlotta lived here for 32 years and her grandparents before that. The inhabitants of the house are passionate about travelling, foreign cultures and literature and that is the essential spirit of our home. The 4 rooms are bright and are each equipped with a wash basin, a free WIFI, a TV and a DVD player (DVDs can be borrowed free of charge). The bathrooms are communal and we provide sheets and towels. We have several book shelves full of books in various languages (English, French, Icelandic, Dutch and German) around the house, at your disposal. We have a special bookshelf dedicated to sharing, where you are free to exchange your own book for another. We believe that a book should not be a static object, but that it should be shared and take part in its owner’s travels.