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You choose a combination from the menu or make up your own, and wthey make it for you in a flash. Tasty and healthy fast food option. 

They are also located  At Höfðatorg, Smáralind, Spöngin, Kringlan, Bíldshöfða, Hringbraut, Nýbýlavegur and Dalshraun.

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Le Bistro

Le bistro is an authentic French bistro and wine/charcuterie bar in the heart of Reykjavík.


We offer excellent freshly roasted coffee from our roasterie, wide selection of food from our own bakery and of course excellent baristas.


A small noodle bar at the bottom of Skólavörðustígur whose main objective is to offer fast food that is both healthy and tasty.

Von mathús

VON mathús emphasizes seasonal Icelandic cuisine combined with ingredients that complement each dish perfectly.