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Salt Eldhus

Salt Eldhus (Eldhus is Icelandic for Kitchen) Cooking School  invites you to join them for some delicious fun and a chance to cook with fresh local ingredients under the supervision of skilled instructors.
Icelandic fish and lamb will take center stage as you learn to cook Scandinavian style. The best way to get to know any country is through your taste buds, so Salt's ingredients and cooking style are decidedly Icelandic with an emphasis on the healthy and stylish New Nordic cuisine. Salt's cooking workshops do not require any prior culinary experience, although Salt can cater for all needs, gourmet cooks and novices alike.
Classes at Salt Eldhus will involve you in every aspect of the art of cooking — you'll learn to prepare a “mise-en-place”, orchestrate a full meal and plate up your culinary creations. At the end of every class, you and the other participants will dine together and savor the delicious meal you have created together. With attentive guidance of experienced teachers and assistants, you will usually prepare a three  course meal in each class. The menu  changes according to the seasons and uses the freshest fare available locally. At the end of the class, you will take home a recipe folder as a gift and a good reminder of your time spent with Salt Eldhus.