Sales of the Reykjavík City Card Have Increased by 90%

Visit Reykjavík publishes the Reykjavík City Card and the sales of the card have increased by 90% for the first six months of this year compared to the first six months of last year.

The increase in sales is much higher than the increase in tourism for the past six months. According to the Icelandic Tourist Board there was a 47% increase in travelers in the first five months of this year. The card is sold in 50 places which service travelers. The Offical Tourist Information Centre in City Hall sells the largest amount of City Cards.

The Reykjavík City Card is available for up to 24, 48 or 72 hours and offers great value for your money. The card gives you free admission to all of Reykjavík’s famous thermal pools, a great many museums, galleries and other attractions, with unlimited travel on Reykjavík buses and the ferry to Viðey Island. The City Card also entitles you to discounts at selected shops and restaurants, and pools outside of Reykjavík which are located in the capital area.

Áshildur Bragadóttir, the Director of Visit Reykjavík:
“ This is a great achievement and we would like to thank all our affiliates and vendors. It is clear that our visitors appreciate the City Card, which offers access to a spectacular cultural life and thermal pools in Reykjavík. At the moment we are working on making the card digitally accessible which will increase its sales even more.“

The Reykjavík City Card offers free entry to:

  • Ferry to Videy Island
  • National Gallery of Iceland
  • National Museum of Iceland
  • Reykjavik City Buses
  • Reykjavík City Museum – Árbær Open Air museum
  • Reykjavík City Museum – Maritime Museum
  • Reykjavík City Museum – Museum of Photography
  • Reykjavík City Museum – The Settlement Exhibition
  • Reykjavik City thermal pools
  • Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park
  • The Culture House
  • The Reykjavik Art Museum – Asmundarsafn
  • The Reykjavik Art Museum – Hafnarhus
  • The Reykjavik Art Museum – Kjarvalsstadir

The Reykjavík City Cards Prices:

                        Adults       Children 6-18

24 hours   ISK 3.700        ISK 1.500

48 hours   ISK 4.900        ISK 2.500

72 hours   ISK 5.900        ISK 3.300

Here is a great review of our City Card by one of our visitors!