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About 30 years ago, a couple of young men gathered, all of whom studied at Tennesee University in the United States. Together they put up an idea of ​​a restaurant. The idea was to open a family restaurant offering good food in a unique atmosphere.

Today, 30 years later, there are almost 1,000 Ruby Tuesday restaurants in operation all over the world, though most of them are found in the United States.

Outside the United States, you can find Ruby Tuesday in Canada, Chile, Guam, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad. Work is also ongoing at the opening of Ruby Tuesday in Egypt, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Ruby Tuesday opened in Iceland in 1999 and immediately became one of the most popular restaurants in the country. Today, Ruby Tuesday is in two places in Reykjavik and has never been more popular. Ruby Tuesday's goal is simple that our customers enjoy delicious food and delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.