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Reykjavík Sailors

Reykjavík by the sea with our Whale Watching tours, Northern Lights by boat and Sea Angling including the taste of the catch of the day.

Take a boat trip from Reykjavik’s harbor to discover Iceland’s rich marine life. All year-round it's possible to spot a variety of whales and other marine animals in the Reykjavik area, including minke and humpback whales, harbor porpoises, and whale-beaked dolphins.

The peak season for whale watching extends from April to October, but of course the ocean is always full of magical creatures and you never know what you might see. This boat trip gives you the unique opportunity to see some of Iceland's most beautiful marine animals, along with the stunning scenery of the Icelandic coast.

In the evening, you will go away from the city lights for the best views of the northern lights. Sail out of Reykjavik on this 2-hour cruise and enjoy incredible views of the city from the sea and on the sky. Enjoy snacks and refreshments in a heated indoor bar, or put on some warm overalls and sit out on the deck to watch the stars and the light show above.