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Reykjavík is a Home to a Fascinating Coffee Culture

Though it’s minuscule in comparison to other European capitals, Reykjavík still manages to offer a coffee house on every corner.

This is the beginning of an article on the website travelmag.com.  The author, Lizzie Davey writes also:  "It’s easy to think this is to banish the dark days of winter, but the city is home to a fascinating coffee culture that has blossomed for a multitude of reasons.“  She continues:  "As I walked around Reykjavík, I noticed something I hadn’t in other European capitals. There’s a certain small town vibe that makes you feel at home, and that’s replicated inside each and every coffee house on each and every street corner. These aren’t just places that serve a cup of coffee to go, they’re places that provide a home away from home; where patrons can keep warm, get stuff done, and revel in the city’s creative ambiance."

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