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Reykjavík Haunted Walk


About Reykjavik Haunted Walk

The Haunted Walk deals with Icelandic history, folklore and some well known local ghosts. All of our stories are thoroughly researched by a local historian and will especially delight the skeptics in the group. Topics include: What is so special about the Icelandic ghosts? Is that parking lot really haunted? What are the chances of elves stealing your baby? Is Santa Claus (and his mother) really a monster in Iceland?


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Look out for the remarkable Solfar Sun Voyager sculpture along Reykjavík's scenic waterfront.


Ásvallalaug is a new and impressive indoor pool complex with a special children’s pool with waterslide and toys, six hot tubs.

Austurvöllur Square and Public Park

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Kolaportid is an ideal place to watch Icelanders in their natural habitat, and a great place to buy strange Icelandic delicasies.