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The Reykjavik Bar Tour

We take you with our local guide to some of the best bars and clubs in Reykjavík, and show you the secrets of the Icelandic night life.

Let's be honest: even in a place as beautiful as Iceland life just looks better after a beer.  Or two.  Or five.

Want to get introduced to the Reykjavik bar scene? Then join us for our unique Reykjavik Bar Tour! Best part?  Drinks are on us!

You'll get a free drink in each of the first three bars that we visit and a big discount on as many drinks as you fancy in the last bar/night-club.

We promise you to have an amazing night and some unforgettable memories from Iceland... Well, unforgettable unless you have a few drinks too many. But even then: we promise not to judge :-)

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Price: 6,990 ISK