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The People's Meeting 2 & 3 September

This weekend on the 2 & 3 of September, the People’s Meeting will be held at the Nordic House. The meeting is a two-day democracy and political festival.

The event is a platform, which enables democracy and bridges the gap between politicians and the people in the country; with the aim of growing confidence in politics and strengthening constructive political discourse with increased participation and dialogue. The event gives a stand for participation, training, and discussion and gives Grassroot movements the opportunity to go on stage and present their views.

The People’s Meeting is a melting pot of ideas where people listen and communicate with one another in person and is a scene where more trust and understanding is created between different members of society without being trapped in a routine discussion of politics or media channels. Politicians will take a seat with the people, listen to their views and exchange opinions. Companies will show how they contribute to the community with their activities and trade unions will point out their vital interests of the working people.

The People’s Meeting people is inspired by similar meetings found in the other Nordic countries, such as Almedalsveckan in Gotland in Sweden, Folkemødet of Bornholm in Denmark and Arendalsuka in Norway.

In a combination with the lively debate, there will be musical entertainment and other surprises.