Opera Divas performing 23 December evening on Austurstræti

On the evening of 23 December at 21:00, Sopranos, Þóra Einarsdóttir, Dísella Lárusdóttir and Sigríður Ósk Kristjánsdóttir will lift the Christmas spirit as they perform from the balcony, located above restaurant Caruso on Austurstræti. 

For the past years we have been marking the end of Advent with three tenors performing in the downtown, being one of the most popular event of Advent for so many.

This past year, 2015, we have been celebrating 100 years anniversary of women's right to vote in Iceland with various events. 

For that reason we proudly present three opera divas performing at the evening of 23 December on Austurstræti, downtown Reykjavík.

We look forward seeing everyone on Austurstræti enjoying this unique event.