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Northern Lights on Videy Island

Videy offers you a change in pace for your northern lights expedition.

The island is a mere 20 minutes sail from the heart of Reykjavik´s Capital City. The island itself is quiet, (just the sound of resting birds can be heard) dark, (absent from artificial light throughout the majority of the island) and has been uninhabited since the 1950´s. You can enjoy the scenery, nature, history and culture of the island on our evening stroll in search of the natural phenomenon we call the aurora borealis or northern lights.

Photographing the art work or buildings of the island with the northern lights behind adds that something special to your pictures either it can be the stunning blue light from the Imagine Peace Tower or the oldest stone building in Iceland. The island also provides incredible platforms for a 360° panoramic of the capital city, imagine peace tower, the island, mountain ranges and some of the oldest buildings in Iceland.