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Reykjavik by boat

This 1 ½ hours guided tour on a traditional Icelandic fishing boat offers a unique view of Reykjavík from the sea, where you encounter its bird-life, art and Icelandic maritime culture.

We will take you on a 1 ½  hours voyage in the bay of Faxaflói, where you will see many species of birds and breath-taking scenery, including a fantastic view of the city, the islands Engey and Videy, and the majestic mountains surrounding Reykjavík.  Our cruise in a traditional Icelandic fishing boat offers an ideal excursion for bird-watchers, families or anyone wanting to experience the peaceful beauty of Icelandic nature.

Highlights of the tour:
- The old harbor and its fishing boats.
- The puffin colony on the island Engey and the historically significant island Videy.
- The diverse outdoor works of art visible along the Reykjavík coastline.
- Old and new architecture
- The building Höfdi, where the historic meeting of Gorbachev and Reagan took place in 1986.
- Harpa,  the concert and congress centre and the new symbol of Reykjavík.

The boat Lundi can be rented including its crew for special events such as sea angling tours or  parties. Photo tours, fishing tours, romantic evening tours or special tours for friends, families or colleagues are just a few examples of what the boat Lundi has been booked for. We help you with the planning of your tour and do our best to make your tour unforgettable.

Reykjavík by boat is operated by Erlingsson Naturreisen, a tour operator who has been introducing Iceland for the last 35 years with a special emphasis on Icelandic nature. For more details please visit our website; www.naturreisen.is