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Visit Reykjavík rebrands!

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Reykjavík — a city to recharge, relax and refuel

Reykjavík has been busy. Like everyone, we’ve had to completely rethink our way of life this past year. But even though we’ve had to change the way we interact and relate to each other, human beings still have the same basic needs: We need to reconnect with nature, rediscover culture, feel responsible and reunite with other people.   

Reykjavík has always sought to fulfil these human needs —  by preserving nature, encouraging artists and cultivate a culture of diversity and kindness. Reykjavík is a city of clean and restorative green areas, a city respectful of nature and all it represents. At the same time, it’s a city full of life, a repository of culture beaming with creativity. We’d like to remind the world that Reykjavik is a place to reconnect with nature and culture, a place of relief and a place of respect.

Reykjavík has revamped its identity and made the prefix re- its own. The prefix perfectly captures the beating heart of Reykjavík while also providing it with a new and refreshing image. Reykjavík has always been a place of relief, refreshment, and relaxation — in short, it’s a place worth a visit and a revisit! We hope our idea will inspire you to visit Reykjavík when you return to safe travels and rediscover that which matters most. The open box in the logo represents Reykjavík’s signature invitation: you’re invited to reconnect, rethink and refuel in Reykjavík — how will you respond? 

P.S. Can you count how many words start with re- in our post? 😉