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Opening at Ásmundarsafn: Selection from the Ásmundur Sveinsson Collection

The exhibition Selection from the Ásmundur Sveinsson Collection will be opened on Saturday 10 May at 4 p.m. The exhibition contains works that span the whole career of the artist and clearly show how his artistic vision developed throughout his life.

Among the oldest are sculptures that he created as a student at the Sate Academy in Sweden; later came the grand masterpieces that sing the praise of the Icelandic common people, folktales and nature, and finally the collections has a number of abstract works, that the artist created in the last decades of his life.

Ásmundur Sveinsson was one of the pioneers of Icelandic sculpture and was first and foremost inspired by Icelandic nature and literature, as well as by the people itself. His massive, powerful and sometimes provocative works are akin to the wondrous formations that can be seen in Icelandic nature.  But although the visual material Sveinsson used was first and foremost national in origin, he nonetheless adopted the main currents in creative international art as if nothing was closer to his heart, at the same time lending them an Icelandic character - an Icelandic content.