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Get a taste of Iceland delivered to your door!

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As we fight the Covid-19 pandemic many people are missing all the great things that come with travelling. For these reasons two friends, Laura and Holly started Lost Llama earlier this year during the UK lockdown. They partnered with local Icelandic businesses to support them during the Covid Pandemic. Together they created goodie boxes for travel-lovers and foodies to bring a “Taste” of Iceland to the rest of the world. 

The box contains local favourites, like dried cod-fish, arctic thyme tea, Omnom liquorice chocolate and also an illustrated book on Yule Lads. You can sample the goodies whilst you watch an exclusive tour of Reykjavik by a local tour guide.

It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn about Iceland in a fun and tasty way.

For more information go to their website