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Mysterious and exciting exhibitions at Kjarvalsstaðir Art Museum

You are welcome to the opening of two shows at the Reykjavík Art Museum - Kjarvalsstaðir on Saturday 13 January, at 4 pm.  The exhibition la durée show works by the beloved Icelandic artist, Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972) and the exhibition Tales of the Unseen is a collection of works by artists who have been inspired by folklore and fantasy.
Kjarval's works are largely from the first part of his career, influenced by avant-garde movements. The breakthrough of the perspective was among the main characteristics of these art movements. Kjarval got to know these movements as a young man in Copenhagen, where he studied art and also in London, where he saw performances of Italian futurists that influenced him. He responded critically to these ideas and created his personal imagery. Curator is Aldís Arnardóttir.
The exhibition Tales of the Unseen in the East Hall is a collection of works by artists who have been inspired by folklore and fantasy, or created their own hidden symbols and forms. The exhibition is both mysterious and exciting and turns on the imagination during the darkest time of the year. Some of the pictures refer to known stories, while others have been formed independently in the artist's narrative scene. All reflect on human existence, communication, emotion and state of mind. The works are by the artists; Alfreð Flóki (1938-1987), Ásta Sigurðardóttir (1930-1971), Jóhanna Bogadóttir (1944), Kristinn Pétursson (1896-1981), Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir (1977) and Sigurður Ámundason (1986). Curator is Markús Þór Andrésson.
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