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Visit Reykjavík is the official marketing agency of Reykjavík city, responsible for worldwide marketing and the development the city's visitor economy. We are the first point of contact for tourism, marketing, information and events in the Reykjavík Capital Area.

Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital, is a friendly city that offers a surprising number of things to see and do. Whether you are seeking the bustling energy of a cosmopolitan city, the thundering thermal energy in the ground beneath your feet, or the serene energy of the surrounding landscape, Reykjavík promises a memorable visit for everyone!

Reykjavík's energy also drives the city’s cultural scene. From the avant-garde to the historical, Reykjavík’s galleries, museums and theatres support a vibrant and sophisticated artistic culture; moreover, annual festivals, special exhibitions and stage productions mean that the cultural calendar is always full, with plenty for visitors to enjoy.

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Below is a compilation of practical info and things to see and do.

Reykjavík is a small city with a big heart
Singer on a stage

Reykjavik is open for business and ready to welcome visitors. Locals and visitors from other parts of Iceland are already out and about, enjoying what the city has to offer.  Museums and exhibitions are open as well as restaurants and bars.

Photos for Media
Perlan museum with a rainbow above

We are always happy to assist with any media inquiries about quality information and photos of Reykjavík City to the press.

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Practical Information
The top of Hallgrímskirkja and overview of the city
Prepare yourself for your upcoming trip with all the information needed for a visit to Reykjavík
The City Card
Snowy  overview of Reykjavík
The Reykjavík City Card is the easiest and most inexpensive way to experience our favourite city!
Reykjavík Festival City
Culture night festival during day

Reykjavík City is a hotbed of activity all year round, with a remarkable number of annual festivals and seasonal events attracting countless festivalgoers and media attention from around the world.

The City Areas
Hafnarfjörður harbour

The Reykjavík Capital Area is the country's largest and most populated city and currently home to 234.910 people (2020), that's two-thirds of the entire Icelandic population!

Museums in Reykjavík
Map of museums in Reykjavík

Map of museums in Reykjavík 

Parking in Reykjavík
Map of parking lots in Reykjavík

Map of parking spaces in Reykjavik

Swimming in Reykjavík
Map of swimming pools in Reykjavík

Map of pools in Reykjavík