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Like a Local in Reykjavík

Given that Reykjavík is only a three-hour flight from the UK, it does a great job in otherworldliness. This is the beginning of a new article on the natgeotraveller.co.uk web.
The article talks about how there’s something truly distinct about Reykjavík. Maybe it’s the crisp Atlantic air, the unique design, or the sense of sea and mountain lurking just beyond. Or perhaps it’s all the culture and creativity squeezed into such a tiny place.

Reykjavík is compact enough to wander by foot. Start with a panoramic zip to the top of the 73m-high tower of the Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran church before cafe-hopping downhill to the harbour — if you can, bag a table outside coffeeshop-cum-bookstore Ida Zimsen.

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