Kaffitárr operates five of the most popular coffee bars in Reykjavík.

Kaffitár's bright and colorful downtown café sits strategically in Bankastraeti, the beginning of the capital´s main shopping street. Kaffitár's other cafés are in the middle of the bustling Kringlan and Smáralind shopping mall, at the National Museum, and in the financial district of Borgartún, close to the famous Höfdi.

All cafés offer excellent freshly roasted coffee from their roasterie, wide selection of food from our own bakery and of course excellent baristas. You can also get Kaffitár at the international airport in Keflavík and bring back home beans and other gifts. Kaffitár is a Swan labeled (eco labeled) café and therefore you can be sure environmental issues are managed and this is an environmental friendly café.