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Kaffismidja Íslands

The coffee shop is located on the first floor in an old stone building, with entrances from Kárastígur and Frakkastígur.

The first thing you’ll notice when walking in from Kárastígur, is the coffee bar with our beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine and two Mazzer grinders. Of course, we can´t go on without mentioning the staff, working hard behind the bar prepping the coffee drinks all day long.

In the coffee shop, there is old furniture, so it feels like a visit to your grandmas house for a cup of coffee and the latest gossip. When you come in, you’ll notice the record player and the collection of records in the corner. So, if you have a dusty old favorite at home you have to bring it and share it with the rest of the Kaffismidja guests.

We only have a total of 7 tables, all shapes, and sizes, with all kinds of chairs. This is why we share the tables with strangers, so we have all kinds of people sitting together. If you can find a free chair, then you can sit on it. You never know what might happen or who you might meet.

Our busiest time is in the morning.