An Invitation to Ármann Reynisson’s

A visit to the home of an Icelandic author, art collector and life connoisseur in Reykjavik.
Ármann Reynisson is a worldly man with a wealth of experience behind him who would like to invite foreign visitors to Iceland to a reception at his home on Súðarvogur 38. Ármann knows all there is to know about Icelandic culture and history and he is well versed on the subjects of politics, religion, world history, art history and geography.  The author is also friendly with many of the country’s better known personalities.  Ármann is happy to open his home to visitors as he enjoys conversing with guests and sharing his knowledge.  He hopes that visitors will be able to take home with them an experience that will reside in their memories for years to come.  
Ármann’s home is located in an old industrial building beside Elliðaár River, the only salmon fishing river in the world that runs through a capital city.  The original fixtures and fittings serve their purpose and have been painted in neutral tones.  The furniture and tableware are of a classical style and an eclectic selection of modern art hangs on the walls or rests on columns.  There is also a vitrine full of antiques and antiquities from all corners of the globe.  The view from the apartment offers a unique panorama.  On the left-hand side, one can see out to the ocean and the magnificent mountain of Esja surrounding it. Straight ahead one looks out over the suburbs of the city and up to the mountains beyond Elliðaár valley.  On bright summer evenings, salmon can be seen jumping in the river.  And on enchanting winter evenings, the stars light up the skies and the Northern lights can sometimes be seen dancing across them.