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Ingólfshátíð Viking Festival

No Date yet for 2020 

Einherjar the Vikings of Reykjavík are proud to announce the 7th annual Ingólfshátíð 13th July 2019 at Austurvöllur from 12.00 until 17.00. 

Those who are interested and maybe cannot see us at Ingólfhátíð have the opportunity to see us on 17th June and at Menningarnótt Reykjavíkur 24th August at the same location details will come later. These are all part of a Einherjar project called Landnámsmenning 2019 which is sponsored by the city of Reykjavík.

Vikings and tent camp will be at Austurvöllur between 12.00 and 17.00 everyone is welcome. It is free for everybody. Speak to us and get a glimpse of days long gone. Take a look at our outfits and equipment. There could be some sagas told. This a part of a project called Landnámsmenning 2019 sponsored by the city of Reykjavík.