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Information centre Hafnarfjörður

Visit the local tourist information where you can get help with your enquiries and get some information about the beautiful town of Hafnarfjörður. Furthermore you can pick up some helpful brochures and maps. 

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Pink Iceland

Pink Iceland is Iceland's first and foremost gay and lesbian owned and operated travel and wedding expert.

Movement Medicine

Movements Medicine dance practice is one way of connecting the mind with the free flowing breath and the structure of the body.

Saga Museum

The Saga Museum recreates key moments in Icelandic history, moments that have determined the fate of our people. It gives a compelling insight into the Icelandic way of life for more than a millennium.

South Coast Private tour

The South Coast drive is a whole day tour filled with amazing scenery, local culture, selection of gourmet restaurants to choose from and activities to suit everyone's taste. Max 6 Guests per guide in a luxurious Land Rover Discovery.