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Practical Information

How to get into the country

Passports, Visas & Coronavirus

Before you travel to Reykjavík it's important to be aware of the passport and visa regulations regarding entry to Iceland. All visitors to must carry a passport, valid at least 3 months beyond the return date


The purest water in the world


95% of all water in Iceland comes from springs in the ground, so it never comes in touch with any pollution. Unlike in many neighboring countries, the Icelandic water is free of chlorine, calcium, and nitrate. The quality of tap water in Reykjavík is well monitored, so drink up!

Currency, Credit Cards & Banks

The monetary unit of Iceland is the Krona (ISK). As a method of payment, Icelanders use almost exclusively credit and debit cards. Thus credit and debit cards are accepted in most shops while foreign currencies are very rarely accepted in Iceland. 

The Icelandic Language

Icelandic has been spoken in Iceland since the country was settled in the 9th century, and despite being ruled by foreigners for centuries. the language has hardly changed 

Tourist Information & Booking Services

Are you in need of some assistance with tour bookings?  Would like some safety advises about traveling in Iceland? Or just curious about our beautiful city? Here are information centers with staff members that are happy to help!  

Getting around

Prepare before arrival

Driving in Iceland

Before you hit the road and head-off on an epic adventure, please acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations and get the head's up about driving in Iceland with our concise guides and safety tips.


The cheapest way to travel

Public Transportation

Explore the city using our local bus service and you're sure to discover something that you wouldn't get to see on the usual tours! Whether you have a particular destination in mind or would just like to experience Reykjavík city like a local, using the local public transport service makes for an economical and interesting experience.


There are several 24 hour taxi companies in Reykjavik, just a phone call away from anywhere in the city. All taxis have official mileage meters and taxi fares are charged at standard rates. Some taxi companies offer special prices on transport to and from Keflavik Airport.

Access for disabled

Þekkingarmiðstöð Sjálfsbjargar is a knowledge centre in Iceland for people with disabilities. They have translated to English their information on traveling in Iceland. You can visit access for the disabled in Iceland for more information on access to attractions, restaurants and other services in Reykjavík.

Reykjavík on foot

Exploring the city on foot is a delightful experience with much to see, including everything from old style wood-framed houses, clad in colourful corrugated-iron, mixed with a creative collection of postmodern architecture.

Shopping information

buy groceries in Reykjavik.

In need of groceries?

Supermarkets in the Capital area

Reykjavík has a pretty good selection of supermarkets in different price ranges, so whether you're looking for the occasional sandwich or preparing for a dinner party you'll be sure to find what you're looking for! 

Looking for some Icelandic design?

Shopping & Prices

For a relatively small city, Reykjavík is a shopper’s paradise. There is literally something for everyone, charming little street boutiques, beautiful local design stores or large shopping malls with a great variety of stores.

Safe Travel

Good preparation is the key to traveling successfully. Safe Travel has detailed information about roads, highlands and the weather!


There are plenty of options for exploring Reykjavík on your own and renting a car is just one of them! 


Check out our FAQ to get heads up on those things you were wondering about and lots of stuff you probably weren't! 

Phone information

Helpful information on your phone

Useful apps

Apps are a great way to convey information at this day and age. Here are our top picks for important apps to have on your phone whilst being a guest in our beautiful city. 

In case of an emergency

Important phone numbers

Iceland has first class emergency services and health care facilities. Just in case you need assistance during your stay in Iceland it’s a good idea to make note of the following important phone numbers. 

More helpful information

Tax refund

You can claim your tax refund at Keflavík airport, which is open during departing flight. Note that the payslip for individual refunds of 6,000kr and over will need to be stamped at the customs office at Keflavík Airport.

Northern lights

Iceland is renowned for its otherworldly illuminations, the Northern Lights being one remarkable example. This particular phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis, can be experienced in Iceland during the winter time.

Interactive maps

Parking in Reykjavik

Map of parking spaces in Reykjavik

Museums in Reykjavik

Map of museums in Reykjavik

Swimming in Reykjavik

Map of pools in Reykjavik

Music in Reykjavík

Map of music venues and record stores in Reykjavík

Cycling routes in Reykjavík

Three maps of cycling routes in and around the capital area.