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Icewear Magasin won the 2016 Njarðarskjöldinn Award

Njarðarskjöldurinn (Motivation award)  was awarded in a formal award ceremony at the Whales of Iceland on January 21, 2016. The award goes to the shop which has reached the highest sales in the tourist industry in the past year.

While choosing the winner there are certain factors that are taken into strong consideration: how does the store come out in their services, advertisements, online marketing and their overall branding. Other factors are their service to customers, opening hours, tax-free labels, description of the product, language efficiency and an overall knowledge of the product.

The purpose of this award is to encourage shop owners to improve services for tourists and to invigorate an increase of enterprises which cater to tourists.

The winner of the award this year is Icewear Magasín. Icewear runs eight stores and six of them are in Reykjavík. Their goal is to offer exceptional services and products which are beautifully designed. The stores have over a 100 products from Icelandic suppliers and producers. The company has also been active in flourishing our cultural life in the city by having live music and events in their stores. Last year they helped fund the Airwaves Music Festival and various other organisations.

The motivation award ceremony is held by The City of Reykjavík, Our City Center, The Icelandic Federation of Trade, Federation of Trade & Services, The Union of Icelandic Trade & Services, Global Blue in Iceland, Tax Free Worldwide - Iceland.