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Iceland's Wacky Winter Festival 2015

An article about the 2015 Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavík appeared recently in the Herald of Scotland. The author Adam Jacot was a guest of Visit Reykjavík last year.

According to Adam Jacot, there is never a dull moment in Reykjavík, even in the depths of winter. While the rest of us moan and mutter come February, little deters the fun and imagination of Icelanders who think up offbeat ideas to liven up the winter evenings.

The Winter Lights Festival is a four-night splurge of fun. One night the Hallgrímskirkja, a landmark church, was lit in dreamy, mazy purple that bounced surreally off the church’s surface. Then on Museum Night, 40 museums opened their doors till midnight. In the Hafnarhusíd, the main contemporary gallery, they launched a series of works by 80 local artists.

Most arresting was the third evening, when locals were bussed around 17 city swimming pools. In the one downtown, the film Psycho was showing from a large screen at the pool edge. The rooms were decorated with candles and a suitably themed changing room was splattered with stage blood dripping from a shower.

You can read the whole article here: www.heraldscotland.com

* Visit Reykjavík organizes the Winter Lights Festival and this year a record breaking  45.000 people participated in the festival´s events.