The Icelandic Sagas - Greatest Hits

A 75-minute theatrical roller-coaster ride through the epic Icelandic Sagas in English that will entertain and enlighten Viking enthusiasts of all ages!

The Icelandic Sagas are 40 unique and realistic stories from a thousand years ago describing the settlement of Iceland. Detailing Viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home they are the absolute crown jewels of Icelandic culture.

Now you can get to know them all in this 75-minute entertaining and enlightening theatre show, performed in English at the iconic Harpa concert hall.

Step into the world of Hallgerd Long-Pants, Gunnlaugur Serpent Tongue, Killer-Glumur, Haraldur with the-great-hairdo and Mjoll the-biggest-of-all-women-who-were-not-giants.

Never heard of them? Get to know them all, and many more, in The Icelandic Sagas – Greatest hits!