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Icelandic Opera

The Icelandic Opera resides at Harpa Concert Hall, and offers its audiences an ambitious and versatile programme, and produces about 2 - 4 operas or other musical events each season. While the majority of singers and artists in its productions are Icelandic, foreign artists are also regular participiants.

The history of The Icelandic Opera traces back to the beginning of the 1980s, so it is certainly young, at least by the standards of the long-standing opera houses of Europe which have centuries-old traditions. But with great ambition and energy of its artists and staff through the years, it certainly plays an established and important role in Icelandic musical life, and has in its almost 30 year history staged over 60 operas, ranging from Verdi to Britten to new works by Icelandic composers.

Singing is a rich part of Icelandic culture, and opera enjoys a great popularity with Icelandic audiences. Most producions at The Icelandic Opera in recent years have been completely sold out with thousands of guests enjoying each production.