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Icelandic Festivals are Gaining Attention in Edinburg

“Marketing Reykjavík as a Destination for Festivals and Events” was the subject of the lecture which Karen María Jónsdóttir presented on February 5th at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group 2016 Conference.

Visit Reykjavík has for the past three years marketed Reykjavík to foreign tourists under the internet identity of the #Reykjavikloves hashtag. The marketing campaign covers Reykjavík and the six surrounding Burroughs.

In the lecture, Karen explained how the festivals and events make Reykjavík more than just a city which is an interesting place to live and work in. The festivals are an important factor in attracting foreign travelers, who can enjoy the culture and take a trip into nature. This creates a unique experience for the traveler.

There are 60 festivals held in Reykjavík each year. Unlike other festival cities, most of the festivals are held from September to May. This is the time of year where access to nature is limited due to the long Icelandic winters. There are a great availability and diversity of events which cover all areas of the arts and every nook and cranny of the Icelandic culture.

* ETAG is the umbrella organisation for the tourism sector in Edinburgh who have an online network of over 1,500 tourism professionals. Their aim is to create a strong tourism community that works together to deliver growth for businesses, a great experience for the visitor and economic benefits for the city and Scotland as a whole.