Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura

Four-star Reykjavík accommodation showcasing the best of Icelandic nature.

Newly-renovated Reykjavík Natura (formerly known as Hotel Loftleidir) is close to the city centre, in the quiet Oskjuhlid wooded area near the sea. The name of the hotel is inspired by the outstanding natural beauty that is on its doorstep. The hotel is ISO 14001 certified as a green hotel.

Reykjavik Natura is located next to the Reykjavík landmark the Pearl (Perlan) and its surrounding woods and pleasant walking/cycling paths. It's just a short walk from Nautholsvik thermal beach, where you can take a dip in a warmed lagoon of the North Atlantic, try some sea kayaking, or simply soak in a relaxing thermal hot tub. Our hotel also overlooks the nearby mountains and sea, as well as the city’s small domestic airport; spotting propeller planes as they come and land is very popular with our younger guests!

The hotel is convenient for both business and pleasure travellers, with a full conference service and a host of free perks for guests, including an indoor swimming pool, free parking and "Bedtime Stories" evenings.

Note: Access to the spa and relaxation pool is only included in the price of upgraded rooms.