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Iceland Rovers

Iceland Rovers is Iceland’s premiere adventure tour company. Since 1997, we have served thousands of happy customers and helped them explore the natural and unspoiled beauty of Iceland.

We offer a wide variety of exciting adventure day tours, overnight tours and corporate incentive travel packages; all from our headquarters in Reykjavik.

Iceland Rovers is owned and operated by a group of guides and professional mountaineers with years of experience in outdoor activities and the Iceland tourist industry. We offer adventures into the fascinating nature of Iceland in specially outfitted Land Rover Defenders, Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruisers, vehicles having a reputation worldwide for reliability and sturdiness. All our vehicles are mounted on 38 or 44 inch tires, equipped with a GPS and VHF-Radios and other necessary equipment for summer and winter expeditions in Iceland’s remote and rugged landscape. Each vehicle will comfortably accommodate five to seven passengers for road and track touring. The Iceland Rovers team is a highly select group of specialists, all with first aid training. We pride ourselves for not only providing a fun, adventurous and diverse Iceland tour experience but also a safe one. You are in good hands with Iceland Rovers.

Iceland Rovers is also the sister-company of Icelandic Mountain Guides, an Iceland tour company that specializes in hiking tours, glacier tours, backpacking and trekking tours, ice climbing & mountain climbing.