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Iceland Airwaves 2014 starts today

Iceland´s biggest musical event, Iceland Airwaves, will dominate the downtown area of Reykjavík for the next few nights.


Thousands of guests fly over for the festival which started as a one-off gig in an airplane hangar in 1999 with 5 bands. Over the years Iceland Airwaves has grown steadily with increasingly more bands, more venues and more guests. The festival has established itself as one of the hippest events on the international music festival calendar and has the reputation of showcasing international talent and breaking new acts.
The event is now sold-out; however those without passes can still look forward to the massive off-venue programme, which features hundreds of shows all across the city. Iceland Airwaves is ongoing until Sunday.
You can view the full schedule, both official and off-venue, in the Iceland Airwaves app
Visit the Iceland Airwaves website for more information
Happy Iceland Airwaves 2014! #reykjavikloves #airwaves14