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Helo - Helicopter Service of Iceland

Helo offers various helicopter services and adventures all over Iceland´s exceptional nature, specializing in sightseeing- and private flights.

Helo operates the finest helicopter in Iceland a new Bell 407 GX. It is the only helicopter in Iceland that is specially designed for sightseeing flights, modified with X-large floor to ceiling dome windows. Furthermore Bell 407 Helicopters are known for their outstanding performance and safety.

We offer pre-designed sightseeing tours and tailor-made exclusive flights, designed up on request, ranging from few minutes to days in a row. We are experienced in designing helicopter adventures for various groups with diverse needs. From small families looking for a remote picnic spot, or a wedding location, to groups of up to a 100 people hopping on a 5 minute fun-ride over a scenic attraction.

We are a cohesive team focused on providing our customers with quality service and a sincere solution driven approach to fulfill our client’s dreams and demands. We adore the Icelandic nature and consider it to be a privilege to have the opportunity to share our vision and experience of it with our guests.
We truly believe that exploring the fragile Icelandic nature by helicopter is one of the gentlest ways of travelling, leaving the least remarks behind.