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Heimska og Skjálfti - A taste of Icelandic Literature

Two of Iceland‘s most popular writers, Auður Jónsdóttir and Eirikur Örn Norðdahl, will be at the café Kaffislippur on Wednesday November 18th at 4 pm with their brand new novels. They will talk about their work with guests and read from these new books in English and Icelandic. Both have received the Icelandic Literature Prize for their work
in addition to other prizes.

Auður‘s book is the novel Skjálfti (Grand Mal), that just came out this month. This is her seventh novel. It tells the story of a young woman who wakes up on a sidewalk after a seizure, having lost her memory but still realizing that she has lost a child. Auður is one of Iceland‘s most popular and critically acclaimed authors. In addition to the novels, she has published books for children, one of them about her grandfather, Nobel Laureate Halldór Laxness. She also writers articles and blogs for journals and newspapers.

Eiríkur Örn will read from his new novel Heimska (Stupidity), also warm from the printing press. The setting is Ísafjörður, Eiríkur‘s home town in the Icelandic Westfjords. Since his debut in 2002, Eiríkur Örn has published six books of poems, most recently Hnefi eða vitstola orð (Fist or words bereft of sense, 2013), five novels and two collections of essays. Eiríkur is also active in sound and performance poetry, visual poetry, poetry film and various conceptual poetry projects. His novel Illska (Evil) was one of the most talked about novels in Iceland in 2012 when it won the Icelandic Literature Prize, and was also nominated for prizes abroad.
The event is hosted by the Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature, in cooperation with Kaffislippur.

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