Gullkunst Helgu

Handmade jewellery Inspired by Icelandic nature.

With its wide open spaces and beautiful treasures displayed in glass casting, Gullkúnst Helgu feels more like a gallery than a jewelry shop.  Located on central Laugavegur, Reykjavík´s busiest shopping street,  this family owned shop is not to be missed. Raw and rough, but at the same time elegant and intricate, these  handmada pieces are guaranteed to make a statement. Uncut and polished  diamonds, Icelandic stones like jasper and basalt, in addition to lava  brought in directly from nature, are mixed with textured silver and  gold, always creating a striking contrast- a unique work of art.

According to goldsmith and owner Helga Jónsdóttir , nine out of ten  pieces are made on the premises. This allows for personal service to  the customer, who often is invited to the workshop in the back to  observe the goldsmiths at work.