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Grillhúsid (The Grill House) is a friendly family restaurant which offers many different dishes for a very good price. 

On their menu you can find steaks, seafood, hamburgers, sandwiches and much more.  There is a special lunch menu on weekdays.


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Oldest restaurant in Reykjavík, located by the old harbour. Plainly furnished with simple, filling meals.


One of the oldest pizza places in Reykjavik, offering real oven-baked pizza; many claim it's the best pizza in town.

Karólína Craft Bar & Café

Karólína Craft Bar and Café is a newly opened bar and café by Austurvöllur square, offering varitey of beers, cocktails and sourdough pizza. 

Apotek Kitchen+Bar

 Apotek Kitchen + bar is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Reykjavík. The restaurant is casual-smart, offering delicious food in a vibrant atmosphere and stylish surroundings.