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Geiri Smart

Geiri Smart Restaurant is a fresh new face on the Reykjavik restaurant scene in 2016. A proud part of the Canopy Reykjavík / City Centre, Geiri Smart is where award-winning chefs come together to create original culinary adventures.

Committed to quality, freshness and sustainability, we use free-range, locally sourced materials whenever possible and then inspiration is the only limit.

The name Geiri Smart is inspired from a song by the Icelandic Spilverk thjodanna, a popular 70’s band. The musical theme is playfully found in the menus such as the five-course dinner menu "Now playing" where guests rely on the creativity of the kitchen or in "Off the record" a secret dish from the kitchen, different each day.

A welcoming place with a festive atmosphere, we offer a marvelous experience for anyone who still values substance.

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