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Gavia Travel

Gavia Travel is a Nature and Wildlife Watching holiday organizer in Iceland. Our team includes some of Iceland’s leading ornithologists, geologists, nature and wildlife photographers and Iceland’s most active and best known birders.

Beside our scheduled tours Gavia Travel organizes different kinds of Nature and Wildlife Watching tours as well as birding and bird photography tours and workshops for foreign travel agencies, organizations, professional photographers and individuals.

Iceland has been described as an unbelievably beautiful and unique place, where the great opposites of fire and ice meet. It is a country which offers unspoiled wilderness, jagged coastlines, vast rugged mountains, hot spring areas with spouting geysers and towering glaciers, including Europe's largest icecap, Vatnajokull. During your visit to Iceland this is the scenery we’ll take you through as we go around with our spotting scopes, bins and cameras.

Gavia Travel is a travel agency established by a group of Icelandic birders and nature enthusiasts, with the aim of showing our guests Iceland's unspoiled countryside and wildlife as we see it. On all of our tours we focus on showing you places we believe you shouldn't miss. We'll show you the wildlife in the area, and we'll make sure you get great opportunities for photography.