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Fun Travel is an independent tour operator and a destination management company. We provide personal service and specialize in guided tours for small groups, with an English and Danish/Norwegian speaking driver-guide.

The company is a licensed travel operator by the Icelandic Tourist Board and provides travel services in Iceland for travel agencies and tour operators, such as private day tours and private tour packages for families and groups.

Related attractions

Golden Circle Private tour

One of the best ways to experience Iceland is to explore the Golden Circle. There's a good reason why this tour is so popular. The 300 kilometer loop surrounds a landscape that resembles what our planet might have looked like long ago, before there were even trees. It's a place of profound, timeless beauty.  

Salt Eldhus

Salt Eldhus Cooking School invites you to join them for some delicious fun and a chance to cook with fresh local ingredients under the supervision of skilled instructors.

Reykjavík Bike Tours

Your visit to Reykjavik is incomplete without traveling along the city’s coastline by bike. You don't just see the essential “must-see” sights of Iceland’s capital; you'll hear the stories that bring these places to life!

Into the Glacier

Our tour company offers a great selection of guided adventure tours, such as glacier tours, self drive, incentive, super trucks, river rafting, snowmobile, horse riding, hiking, ATV and whale watching.