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Winter Break | Arts, crafts and games

Spöngin 41, 112 Reykjavík

Borgarbókasafnið Spönginni
24, October 2022
Open from 11.00am - 1.00pm

Website https://borgarbokasafn.is/vidburdir/born/haustfri-fondur-og-spil
General Admission See on official website

Grab a board game and play with your friends and family in the winter break!

Board games are a great educational tool to engage children of any age. They provide children with opportunities to apply concepts they have learned and promote collaboration and critical thinking.

Arts and crafts and materials at the location.

No registration.

Everyone is welcome!

More information:
Herdís Anna Friðfinnsdóttir, herdis.anna.fridfinnsdottir@reykjavik.is
Justyna Irena Wilczynska, justyna.irena.wilczynska@reykjavik.is
s. 4116230

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