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Spanish Troll Story with María Valdeolivas

Listabraut 3, 103 Reykjavík

Borgarbókasafnið Kringlunni
28, August 2021
Open from 1.30pm - 3.00pm

Website https://borgarbokasafn.is/event/children/spanish-troll-story-maria-valdeolivas
General Admission See on official website

Let's learn and play with languages! This event is for children of all ages who want to have fun learning new words: we'll teach each other new words and sentences in different languages in a friendly inspiring environment. Fun activities for children are also always on the menu!

"Hi! My name is María, I'm an educator from Spain, and I've been living in Iceland for about 6 years. I like to play out in Nature and travel. When doing so, sometimes I get inspired and I write stories like the one we are going to listen and play with today. Is the story of a little troll who lives in the lava fields between Vík and Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

After listening to the story I will ask for your help to illustrate the tale, we can create our own characters from a "material buffet" and we can create a dictionary of the new words you learn from this troll adventure!"

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