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Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum Summer Concerts

Laugarnestangi 70, 105 Reykjavík

Listasafn Sigurjóns Ólafssonar
05, July 2022 - 09, August 2022 (see calendar for other dates)
Open from 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Website //www.lso.is
General Admission See on official website

Was it a Dream?
Jóna G. Kolbrúnardóttir soprano, María Sól Ingólfsdóttir soprano, Eggert Reginn Kjartansson tenor and Þóra Kristín Gunnarsdóttir piano.
With song cycles by Dvořák, Sibelius and Beethoven, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in the multifaceted complexity of love as envisioned by three master composers from different cultures. Písně Milostné (Love Songs) op. 83 by Antonín Dvořák, Five Songs, op. 37 by Jean Sibelius and To the distant Beloved, op. 98 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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