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Makerspace | Songwriting and Production

Úlfarsbraut 122, 113 Reykjavík

Borgarbókasafnið Úlfarsárdal
13, October 2022 - 03, November 2022 (see calendar for other dates)
Open from 5.00pm - 7.30pm

Website https://borgarbokasafn.is/vidburdir/fraedsla/verkstaedin-lagaskrif-og-produsering
General Admission See on official website

🎙⭐️💻 Learn to write “bangers,” record vocals, and make beats.

🎶 A music workshop for everyone over the age of 16 who is interested in singing, rapping, writing lyrics, and producing.

🎶 The workshop is led by producer and songwriter Jóhannes Ágúst Sigurjónsson.

🎶 Registration for the workshop is on the event's website: https://borgarbokasafn.is/en/event/learning/makerspace-songwriting-and-…

🎶 Maximum of participants: 12 people

Further information:
Stella Sif Jónsdóttir, Specialist | Events and educational programs

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